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  • March 10, 2018
Causes and Treatment of Gynecological Bleeding

Many women experience gynecological bleeding that is unrelated to their menstrual periods. While most causes of vaginal and uterine bleeding are related to benign causes, some may be linked to serious medical disorders. If you need an obgyn doctor becker mn that has gynecological specialists who can evaluate and treat your symptoms. Learn about some causes and treatments of gynecological bleeding by reviewing the following.


Aspirin is often implicated in abnormal bleeding, including bleeding during menstrual periods. Aspirin makes your blood platelets less effective at clotting normally because it decreases platelet aggregation. Gynecological bleeding is uncommon when aspirin is taken infrequently, however, if your physician has prescribed daily aspirin therapy to reduce your risk for a heart attack or certain cancers, you may bleed between your periods. If you experience gynecological bleeding, see your doctor, however, do not stop taking your aspirin if it was prescribed to protect your … Read the rest