What is the gender of my child?

What is the gender of my child?

During a pregnancy, you naturally want everything to go well. You want to bring the baby into the world in a healthy way, and you often succeed. But chances are you also have a lot of questions about the pregnancy. Many parents-to-be want to know the sex of their baby. Some parents keep it as a surprise and wait until the baby is born. Are you expecting a baby, and would you like to know the sex during the pregnancy? If so, this can be done during the 20-week ultrasound, but it is not always possible. This is because the doctor does not always look at the child’s gender and mainly looks at physical abnormalities. Do you still want to know the child’s sex? Then a gender test is ideal for this, but how does it work? Below, we tell you all about it, so you can find out more.

What is a gender test?

A gender test is a DNA test that allows you to determine the sex of a baby. Of course, this is all during pregnancy and more and more people are purchasing a gender test. You can perform the gender test at home, and here it is important to get the baby’s DNA material. To do this safely, blood has to be taken from the mother. The mother’s blood also contains the baby’s DNA material. The DNA material is then sent to the laboratory where it is examined by scientists. They can determine the sex of your baby. The results are usually delivered to your home within a few working days, and you can open the test together with your partner.

Is it safe?

As a mother, you naturally want to be sure that everything you do is safe for the pregnancy. Of course, you don’t want the pregnancy to be at risk because you take a gender test, for example. In fact, a gender test is very safe and cannot endanger the pregnancy. This is because the DNA material is not taken directly from the baby, but from the mother. You can perform the gender test from 7 weeks of pregnancy and the test is about 99.9% accurate. 

Would you also like to use a gender test to find out the sex of your baby? You can easily order these tests on the internet from different providers. Compare the providers and find a reliable one.

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